Getting to Know Panasonic Camcorder

Panasonic HC180k HD camcorder shoots high-definition HD video with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. With this, we said a lot. Once Full-HD, it means that this camera, both in its main characteristics and in trifles, should surpass many other cameras.

There are three matrices in it, and each of them is designed to process the red, green and blue color, and the result is a colorful, rich image. Three-matrix cameras are not new, but the Panasonic HC180k uses the latest MOS-matrix, which is superior in parameters to the traditional matrix.


Optics Should Be High Quality

The image quality depends not only on the matrix but also on the optics used. The Panasonic HC180k camera is equipped with a Leica lens with 12x optical zoom. A good lens is very important for a high-definition camera, but there are no bad Leica lenses!

Aspherical lenses used significantly improve image resolution and contrast. Since this camera is still an amateur, it is assumed that you will shoot, holding it in your hand. Few people will take a tripod with them for a walk or a trip.

video production
The Processor Thinks You Are Shooting

Commands all this “video economy” processor HD Crystal Engine. It has improved noise reduction schemes and intelligent image contrast control, and it consumes less energy than previous generation processors.

Note that the camera is ready for shooting after 1.9 seconds after switching on. The camera shoots in the latest AVCHD format, it takes up less space than many other formats, with higher image quality. When shooting, up to 15 faces are recognized in the frame, and focusing takes place on each of them. Five microphones are built into the camera to record sound.

If the object being shot approaches the camera and moves away from it, the sensitivity of the microphones changes accordingly. Five microphones are needed so that the sound of the video taken can be played on the audio system of the Dolby 5.1 home theater.
The display is excellent. But the viewfinder is less “gluttonous”. The camera is equipped with a folding screen with a diagonal of 2.7 inches (almost 7 cm). It is convenient to view the video and work with the menu. If you need to extend the battery life of the camera, we recommend using the viewfinder.


Without Current Anywhere

For the camera to obediently execute your commands, it needs to provide uninterrupted power. The battery can power the camera for about 2 hours without recharging while recording with the highest quality.

But there are situations when you need to shoot longer, moreover, as we have already mentioned, when watching video from the camera’s memory on a high-definition monitor and when transferring video files to computer memory, a lot of electricity is consumed and the battery quickly “sits down.

Panasonic HC180k looks prettier than other cameras!
It seems that the design of the digital camera body is about the same, and it is difficult to invent something new here. But here, the Panasonic HC180k outperformed the “rivals.”

Ion Verdict

The Panasonic HC180k turned out to be a powerful and stylish camera. It allows you to use the capabilities of high-end technology (such as plasma panels, Sony Playstation 3 gaming console) to display the video for one hundred percent!

Of course, someday TV and digital video cameras that do not support high-definition video will be perceived just like tube black-and-white televisions and film cameras are now perceived, and the Panasonic HC180k will become an ordinary camera.

Safe ways of consuming marijuana

Cannabis sativa, popularly known as marijuana, is a drug that has attracted its fair share of controversy. The controversy is based on the psychoactive effects, and a psychoactive drug can be described as a substance that can distort the nervous system and effectively alter your brain function. When the brain function is impaired, then there are various effects that prevail including impermanent changes of a person’s mood, behaviors, perception, and consciousness. Psychoactive effects are enhanced by the intrinsic components of marijuana and more especially the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC can cause euphoria and anxiety while an overdose has been said to cause hallucinations.fkjefbjekbfekjwfejw

Despite illegalization cannabis enthusiasts have continued to use the substance and therefore governments should be looking for alternative ways to live with it. Meanwhile, the users are highly encouraged to seek avenues through which they can consume the substance without endangering their health. There are various tips that can be employed to this effect and they are laid down as follows;

Use vaporizers

Vaporizers have been lauded as one of the most appropriate ways through which users can consume marijuana without jeopardizing their health. Vaporizers are designed to volatilize the herb rather than the conventional way of burning it. The burning temperature is above 460 degrees F but to volatilize marijuana you only need 266 degrees F. Most vapes release less proportions of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) hence the said suitability for recreational consumers.

Vaping has been acknowledged worldwide as a nonhazardous way of enjoying marijuana. The popularity of vapes has consequently led to the innovation of various types of vapes. For example, you can now find vapes that powered by batteries and some that adjustable temperatures.

Don’t hold your breath

SKEBGJSEGKSEJBGJFor heightened effects, many smokers are known to hold their breath when they inhale marijuana. This act is based on the understanding that the absorption rate of THC is improved with prolonged withholding of the smoke. However, it is also important to note that the longer you hold your breath, the more your lungs are likely to absorb the smoke that contains toxins like tar and carbon dioxide.

Use water pipes

Also known as bongs, these are apparatus that are known to cool and moisten the hot smoke of marijuana. Over time, most users have developed their homemade bongs, but you can also invest in those that are available in the market. The water is efficient in withholding toxins which are soluble in water, and these components could include considerable amounts of tar and hydrocarbons.