Benefits of Using Fax Numbers

What comes to your mind when you read about fax numbers? Many people will say that it is an outdated technology that is not in use anymore. But did you know that the technology is back in the market and businesses are adopting it more than before? Fax marketing is among the booming strategies and companies using it have recorded huge sales but only if it is used correctly. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of fax to businesses.

Simple and Easy to Use

Sending a fax is as simple as attaching a document to your email and sending it. You do not have to work with machines as before. Things are now changed, and after choosing an online fax provider, it will be as simple as sending an email as the operator does the manual work. To operate with fax, you should have the fax numbers of the people you want to contact. After you have your content ready, upload a pdf file and send to the selected fax numbers.


Do not confuse the current faxing with traditional faxing. Today, faxing is done online meaning that you will have saved on all the traditional fax costs. You do not require paper, ink, toners or the big machines. It is all online. If you want to send mass messages, this is the best method because of its low cost.

You Do Not Need a Phone

Unlike the traditional faxing, online faxing does not require you to have a second phone. Small businesses on a budget benefit a lot from this feature. Everything happens on your computer, and your provider does the sending.

Reaches Many People

Just like with emailing, faxing allows you to reach many people all at once in a short duration. If you think of how long it would take you to send the messages manually, you will begin to appreciate faxing. The good thing with fax machines is that the receiver must pick the piece of paper and read it, unlike emails.

From the points above, it is clear that faxing is coming back and in a huge way. If you had not considered it for your business, it is time to think twice about it. Do not be fooled by the old school label because you will be missing on a lot.

Tips For Choosing The Best Google Fax Services

If you plan to switch from using a standard fax machine to using online fax services, know that it would be the right decision. However, before you sign up with any provider, make sure to take a look at the top Google fax services and compare them. Learning more about these services and Google faxing, in general, is crucial to finding the one that will best suit your faxing needs and budget. You can compare these services in a number of ways. But, for now, we will focus on the methods we deem most effective and reliable.

Online fax reviews

Do some online browsing, and you will surely come across a plethora of reviews. You can easily find reviews and feedback from many users who are using various Google faxing services. To find them, just visit a few forums, blogs or sites specifically dedicated to this topic. Once there, make sure to read a few reviews and weigh their pros and cons. The key here is patience and diligence. Make sure to dig deep and don’t race through the reviews. You can easily miss some very good reviews that can easily convince you to go with a particular service or avoid it.

How reliable are these reviews?

woman using ipadAnother reason why you should be very patient and diligent with online reviews is because not all reviewers and users are completely honest. Some of them may have a hidden agenda and tend to favor one service or another, seemingly for no reason. It is no secret that some faxing services offer affiliate programs to various users, in which they can get paid every time someone they have referred to signs up for the service.

With this in mind, don’t be surprised to find raving reviews of certain fax services, whose purpose is nothing more but to encourage you to click on their affiliate link and with that, earn them a commission.

The best way of detecting such biased reviews would be to check the link and see if there is any extra tracking code in it. If there is, it is highly likely that the reviewer is biased. If not, you can trust them.

Online comparison charts

Aside from reliable and trusted reviews, another good method of finding a good Google fax service would be to check various online comparison charts. You can easily find excellent charts that are very well designed and which cover and categorize all the important features of various services. To get a broader view and do some comparisons of your own, make sure to check out a number of charts.

Free versions and trials

phone userIf you can test something for free, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do it. The same goes for Google fax services, as well. Almost all the leading Google fax services offer free trials which can last up to a month. With a free trial version, you can test almost all the features of the service for yourself and see whether it fulfills all your needs and requirements. Just keep in mind that most free trial versions do lack some of the more advanced features of full versions.

If you haven’t made a switch from using a standard fax machine to using online fax services, now is definitely the time. With the right service and provider, you can vastly improve and enhance your means of communication. But, in order to find them, make sure to take your time and don’t rush your decision.