Step by Step Guide to Sending a Fax From Gmail

Google has a lot of popular tools and services. One of them is their email system known as Gmail that is used by millions to send free messages for personal and business use. Moreover, a wide range of tools have been integrated with Gmail that have made it possible to send faxes. Gmail fax allows you to send and receive a fax through an email.

Top Benefits of Online Faxes

online faxUsually, online faxes are cheaper as compared to the traditional fax. Google gives you a fax service that is unlimited. It also saves paper as you do not need to print off the document unless you want it in hard copy. This also reduces the use of electricity you won’t need to have a fax machine plugged to power in your office.

Without having to print in the office, there is no need of buying ink cartridges. This will help you save on ink if you like sending a lot of faxes. In addition, you do not need to keep a bulky fax machine in your office. This offers you the opportunity to save on office space.

The truth is that it is quite easy to send faxes from your Gmail account. Faxing someone reports and documents to another office is easy. It is a good idea to send a few to check whether you understand the process.

How to Send Fax from Gmail

Composing an Email

The process of composing a fax is just the same as sending an email. Ideally, you are sending a message to the fax number. You will need the area code and the phone number of the recipient just like you need for traditional faxes.

Typing in the Recipient

sending a faxTaking into account the service you have, the address may differ. You will require the phone number of the fax recipient and domain name part of the address. This is also different for each fax service. You can ask the provider to be sure what the domain name is.

Sending Your Message

Before you send a fax, it is a good idea to take the time and proofread your message. This will ensure everything is as required. Also, you need to check whether you attached the right document. After this, you can click send and you are ready to go.